August 29, 2008


- Counts on Tuesday were still low, 550. We're still continuing on with our weekend plans though because she is above 500, and I'm sure that she is much higher than 550 by now.

- MRI is scheduled for early Tuesday morning. I just found out that they are also planning on doing a bunch of other tests while she is in recovery from the MRI. They'll do the ECHO and the BAER (hearing test) and maybe more. She has to lay very, very still for these, so they'll be able to do it while she's still somewhat sedated from the MRI. This is great news because it means that we won't have to have a separate appointment for all these additional tests, and she won't have to be sedated again for them. I was especially not looking forward to the ECHO and chloral hydrate sedation. That one was rather unpleasant to watch.

- After the MRI and other tests we go straight to clinic for labs. Looks like Tuesday will be rather long.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I read some of "Max's" story. OMG, how sad. Mads has her young age going for her. What a horrible disease this is. Happy 10 month b'day Maddie! love Grandma N.