August 25, 2008

Her Father

We had a busy weekend as we are still in the process of setting up the new house. The garage was organized and cleared out, the grass mowed, and the last couple of boxes of random stuff that doesn't really go anywhere found homes. We also went to Stone Brewery for an early dinner on Saturday night. Madeleine did really well there, and was happy as long as we continuously fed her bread.

But the best part of the weekend? Ryan moving the stove out and then climbing behind it to construct the great baking powder mountain range in our ongoing battle with the ants. And so far, no ants!

Being skinny has its advantages

I know what you're thinking, "no pictures of madmadammadeleine? Weird..."


Kyle said...

That first pic looks like he's being eaten by the stove, causing an epic Ryan vs. Stove battle.
Glad to hear the move went well, and you had a chance to go to Stone! *hides jealousy*

Amber said...

don't be too jealous, there's a surprise coming in the mail for you!

jocelyn said...

You have just entered the realm of an actual blogger. Hah. I can't believe it.

Amber said...

You mean by describing the minutiae of everyday life? Hah! :)