August 12, 2008

Not much to say

Showing off her scar

She saw our cat, Diego, go through this cat door and now she is obsessed with trying to get through the cat door.

Not too much to update. We had an appointment yesterday with the nurse practitioner from the surgeon's office to check out her incision. It was sort of a pointless appointment if you ask me, but I suppose those are much better than the big appointments. We have clinic in a couple of hours for labs.

Other than that we are packing and getting ready to move this weekend!


Anonymous said...

What time are you starting the loading on Sat? We will be there (or at least Doug will)


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the move! sometimes no news is good news. Thinking about you guys from the East Coast!

Take My Life... said...

Hey , my name is mimi . My son Julian (4)passed away in January 08 from Medullo . I found you on the PAC2 group and wanted to read about your beautiful baby girl...
Hugs to you

New Yorker said...

Hi Amber!

It's Natasha (we shared those wonderful 3 months together at Jola).

Your little one is absolutely adorable! I look forward to following her progress. I'll keep you all in my thoughts.

Good luck with the move.