August 2, 2008

Poop counter

Today is day 10 of no poops.
After trying various remedies she was finally put on some stronger meds, but nothing yet.

Her ANC is lower than it was last week, 264. White blood cells and everything else remain about the same though. They are still planning on doing chemo next week, as long as she is back up to an acceptable level.

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jocelyn said...

Is this because of chemo? Sofie did the same thing around 6-8 months. It took a couple of weeks and then regulated. It also coincided with her becoming mobile.

I would be very bloated if I did not poop for ten days! Yikes.

Ericka said...


Amber said...

It's definitely a chemo side effect, although it may be further impacted (heh, impacted, get it?) because of eating more solids and crawling. The meds are helping.

Sarah said...

Miralax! Roo gets backed up and we give her Miralax, gets things moving along gently.