August 6, 2008

Home again

Yesterday was long, the longest chemo day yet. So long that we were there after the clinic shut down (730ish), and had to be moved to an inpatient room for the last hour of post hydration fluid. We were put with a super nice family with a little girl (age 2) whose bone marrow isn't functioning like normal and had started to show beginning signs of leukemia. The girl was beginning her second round of chemotherapy, but luckily she was already in remission. It was really nice to talk with someone who is going through the same experience.

Madeleine is doing well, although she is still tired from yesterday. All of the nurses were amazed at how happy she was after such a long day in the hospital. She is back on nausea meds for a couple of days to help control any nausea or vomiting that she may have.

We remain hopeful that this was her last round of chemo. Our doctor ordered an MRI, as well as an EKG, ECHO, BAER (hearing test) and some other tests to be given in about four weeks. This is great news as these tests are all end of treatment tests.

So, now we wait to see how her body responds to this round, and we wait for the MRI which will be sometime in the first week of September.

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