November 11, 2009

Birthday pictures

My big girl turned two at the end of October. Her birthday party was on Halloween, so all of her friends came dressed up. Madeleine, who insisted on wearing her turtle costume every day for the entire month of October, only wore her costume for about five minutes the day of Halloween. Of course!

The party was luau themed, so of course we had sand and seashells.

Madeleine supervises the party set-up.

Sophia Dragon

The dragon chooses an India Pale Ale, but is carded by the bartender.

That's one stuck pineapple

Amanda Mouse arrived via railway

Afraid of revealing their super powers, the Buzz Lightyears studiously avoid one another.

Humphrey sniffs out the witch (Ashlynn)

Tucker Lightyear wonders just how to get those wings to work

Cade Lightyear - To Infinity and Beyond!

Friends playing in the sand

Enjoying rainbow birthday cake

The beautiful and talented Auntie Karen (all of these pictures are taken by her, or at least by her camera).

Dressed up for trick or treating. Humphrey had to suffer wearing his bee costume for another year.

We had a great weekend filled with friends and family. My favorite part of the party was when Madeleine took a break from opening presents to look up and see everyone watching her. She said, "look at all the friends!"