August 18, 2008


We're back up on the internet after our big move this weekend. The move went well, faster than I thought, thanks to the help from the grandparents and friends, Doug and Jimmy. We're very pleased with the new house, it's a big improvement from our crazy wood paneled, constructed and planned by drunk 12 year-olds, old house. We're in a much nicer neighborhood and it's a lot closer to work for Ryan, and the hospital for Mad.

Madeleine has been crawling around unpacking boxes at her leisure. Yesterday she found a small tin of thread and quickly went about the task of unraveling as much of it as she could. She's been sleeping a little better in our first two nights here, but that could be because with all the moving excitement she hasn't been napping as much as normal.

We had physical therapy this morning and the therapist said that she's doing great, and she's really found ways to overcome the weakness in her right leg. We're now about halfway to the original five months of recovery that the surgeon estimated. Tomorrow she has clinic for labs and her nine month check up with the pediatrician. She hasn't been to her pediatrician since her original diagnosis at four months, so it's probably time. I didn't think it was necessary to take her in for her well-baby checkups when she was being checked-up on so frequently by the oncologist doctors and nurses. Her immunizations are all on hold due to the chemotherapy so I didn't see much of a point to taking her in. And because it was just one more appointment to take her to. I finally decided that we should probably meet with the pediatrician anyway, as much to keep and establish a relationship with the doctor as to have a checkup.

Pictures to come soon.

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