August 5, 2008

Chemo day

I'm posting from the hospital. It's 2 pm and we're still waiting for chemo. Labs all look good, her counts are up above 1200. She has 2.5 hours of chemo (three different drugs), and then three hours of post hydration fluids. Looks like we'll be here for awhile still. Luckily Ryan was able to come with me today so I can sneak away for some breaks. We're really hoping this is her last round...we'll see.

Also just realized that the picture of Madeleine on the top right of the page isn't showing up on this computer. Is anyone else not seeing a picture there?


Anonymous said...

I can see the picture and I am also at a public access, the santee library. Give us a call if you need anything tonight.


(I can't seem to remember my password so I am posted Anonymos)

Sarah said...

I see a pic of a little cutie in a flowered onesie with a white blanket on her head. :-)

Amber said...

That's the one. Thanks. Maybe the hospital is just using really old browsers or something.