August 15, 2008


Moving with a baby, gah!
Yesterday I was only able to make two runs over to the new house. On the second run Humphrey was begging to come, so I took him too. He loves that the new place has a doggy door to the yard and he practiced going in and out, in and out. I think he loves it.

Looking forward to grandparents coming today to help and watch the little one. I think I'll be able to accomplish much more.

I won't have internet again until Monday.


The Broken Man said...

Oh, I'm really hoping we get to move *before* our baby is born!

The Broken Man

New Yorker said...

I'm going to be moving soon too. Sooooo not looking forward to the packing, etc. But definitely looking forward to being in a new space.

I applied for a job at Kipp NYC, which made me think of you. So, the natural thing to do was to Google you...and voilĂ ! I found your blog. Isn't the internet amazing?

Hi, my name is Sarah. said...

Moving with kids sucks a fattie. We moved when the twins were 4 months old, so at least they were't crawling around and trying to unpack boxes. Good luck, I hope the new house is awesome!

Ericka said...

good luck!