February 4, 2010

February 3, 2010

Scan results

A couple weeks ago Madeleine had an MIBG scan that shows how much of the tumor is still active. She also had her usual urine test. The doctor finally called today to discuss those results. The scan shows that she still has active tumor. Her VMA/HVA numbers are both up a bit from where they have been. VMA is at 32, and was in the 25-31 range for the last four months. HVA is at 41, the highest it's been since April. All of that means that there is still immature tumor, and that it's probably growing a little (as was seen in December's MRI). The doctor is consulting with the specialist in L.A. that we saw over a year ago, and the neurosurgeon. Thankfully no one thinks that chemo is a good idea at this time as maturing tumor does not respond well to chemo. As long as Madeleine isn't having any symptoms (tumor interfering with her ability to walk and move her leg - which so far isn't a problem), surgery to remove it doesn't really make sense right now either.

Except that the tumor may be interfering with her ability to know when to use the bathroom. I know that she is still young, or right about average, for potty training, but I just feel like something isn't right. She really wants to use the potty, but so far hasn't been able to. After explaining my concerns to her doctor we now have an appointment in a couple weeks to see a neuro-oncologist. He will be able to tell if she has sensation in that area or not. If not, surgery might be a good option, because its not like the tumor is ever going to go away, even after it matures. If it's in the way, it will remain in the way until it is removed.

So, I feel disappointed, and frustrated, and a little angry, that we seem to be in the exact same place that we were last year. The tumor is still in the process of maturing (hopefully), and may or may not be causing problems. I know that things could be so much worse. The tumor has not migrated anywhere else, and we are not currently facing chemo, radiation, or surgery. We'll see what the neuro-oncologist and neurosurgeon think, and go from there.