June 27, 2008

We are traveling to Coarsegold this weekend to visit Great Grandma Madeleine (who turned 92 this week!), Uncle Kyle, Aunt (someday, we hope!) Karen, and Grandma and Grandpa N. This trip was planned at the last minute because we decided to take the opportunity to travel while Mad is healthy and not receiving any treatment. Her next MRI is coming up in a couple of weeks, so we are trying to have as many outings as possible before then, just in case. We realize that many cancer kids do not get this break in their treatment, so we are very fortunate.

Hopefully it's more than a break, but I'm having a hard time thinking of this as the end of treatment because if it isn't and she needs more chemo or surgery, it will be very hard to adjust to that again.

More pictures for the weekend:

Still no hair on the back of her head.

Future gymnastic Olympian

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Kyle said...

Hope you guys had a nice, relaxing weekend up north. :)