June 12, 2008

Day two

Madeleine is doing much better. She had a rough night and had trouble breathing but was finally able to sleep after about one am. They recently took her off of the pain meds, and she is only on a little sedation now and antibiotics. The surgeon wants her to stay for one more night in PICU because it was such a big surgery. He also doesn't want her to eat anything yet to give her body a chance to futher heal, so that the bowels don't have to start working yet.

No news on the tumor pathology yet.


danelle said...

Glad to hear that she is doing better today. I hope you got some sleep last night. Give us a call if you need anything.

luv ya

Andrea GG said...

Thanks for all the updates! You are all in our thoughts.

Lorey said...

Hello... Carm & I are truly so relieved miss madeline came through the surgery.Both of You & Madeline are in our daily prayers. We pray she will be healed & that you & ryan will be given courage & strength. Thank you so much for taking the time to update us all.hope you can get some sleep soon. put it all in GODS hands & take comfort in that. May God bless you all.Hope Neal or Nancy are there to be able to help??

Ericka said...

man, I would be one cranky baby if I had to go through surgery and didn't even get to eat afterwards. I'm going to pray my little speed-racer gets to have a snack today. sheesho.