June 13, 2008

Moved from PICU

Madeleine had a pretty good night and was recently moved to the oncology ward. We feel a little more comfortable there as we know most of the nurses and it is a lot less restrictive (she can have more than two people in the room with her). Both sets of grandparents are here and helping to give us some breaks during the day.

After signing for milk for a couple hours this morning the doctor finally gave orders to let her eat. She tried to eat but decided that she had an upset tummy instead and threw up a lot. Have you ever seen bile? Gross. Especially when it gets all over your jeans. I earned my second pair of scrubs (the first pair I got from her first hospitalization when she pulled out her IV while sitting on my lap). So, she isn't allowed to try to eat again until two pm. Hopefully that will go better. I know she's hungry, it's been 58 hours since she last ate!

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Ericka said...

oy. poor baby girl. :( and poor mommy. are scrubs comfy? they seem like they'd make great pjs.

Lorey said...

Hi... we are soo pleased at the progress report many thanks.. you are all in our prayers.
Lorey & Carm Baumbach