July 2, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

We had a great weekend. We left early Friday morning and made it to Coarsegold in good time (six-ish hours). We visited Great Grandma Madeleine, and barbecued with Kyle and Karen. On Saturday we headed up to the cabin with Grandma and Grandpa. The cabin was a a lot of fun, even though Madeleine slept horribly and I ended up with a migraine on Sunday. We drove back to San Diego on Monday, which took over eight hours. Why does it always take longer on the way back? We're very tired of that drive.

Madeleine had a clinic appointment yesterday for labs and a doctor check. Her labs came back fine, and she looks good. We have a slew of medical stuff scheduled for next week though. Monday is physical therapy (I had to answer an intake questionaire with questions like, "does the child drool excessively?" Yes. "Does the child prefer soft food?" yes. Ha). Tuesday is the MRI, and Thursday we meet with the oncologist to discuss MRI results and whether or not she wants to do more chemo or not.

Mad is trying very hard to crawl. She can get from sitting to all fours, and then she rocks a bit. I imagine it must be difficult with a bum leg. I have to watch her closely now, I can't just put her down and expect to find her still sitting three minutes later. She is trying very hard to get into anything within a four foot radius. We haven't baby proofed anything, so I suppose it's good that she's not exactly mobile yet.

I have to take Humphrey to the vet today, he has a huge wound on the base of his tail that he keeps chewing on. He's very lethargic and depressed too. Ryan bought him a cone last night to stop the incessant chewing, and now he's just sad. Poor dog.

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Becky said...

Poor Humphrey! Is it the same spot on his tail that he worked over about 18 months ago? Hope he heals soon, and becomes a happy dog again :)