June 26, 2008


We've been signing with Madeleine for a few months now. She's been doing the sign for milk for a couple of months, and only recently added a couple of new signs. I think it's pretty amazing that babies can communicate what they want before they can talk.

With her desire to eat also came her love of (very diluted) juice. She's tried peach, apple, prune (on the advice of a nurse for an unfortunate chemo side effect - I'll let you deduce which one), and her new favorite, blackberry. The last couple of days she has really been using the sign for drink. I'm pretty sure it's all in an attempt to get to the sweet sweet blackberry juice.

Signing "drink."

She also learned the sign for fan, which is one of her favorite things. When I was teaching her the sign we walked through the house and I pointed to each ceiling fan and made the sign. A little while later we were sitting on her play mat and she intently stared at the standing fan in the corner and then made the sign for fan. Success! I haven't seen it since then, but at least she did it once :) I think she may be getting confused because the sign for fan is very similar to waving which we are also working on. Maybe she thinks that fans are important enough to be waved hello and goodbye at every time we see one.

Humphrey's sign for "love."
This bone comes all the way from North Carolina,
and Humphrey will not go out, or come in without it.

Close up.

Nothing yummier than baby feet.


Becky said...

I'll bet your pup thinks her toes are yummy too :) Good to see the little redhead looking so well and of course, cute as a bug!

Ericka said...

nothing tastes sweeter than baby toes, though it appears Humphrey would disagree. Love the pic of Hump with the bone... great angle.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am so impressed to see her signing. Way to go Madeleine and Mommy and Daddy! Have a wonderful trip. Happy Birthday to Great Grandma Madeleine.
Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Neal in Tennessee visiting Auntie Rebecca.