June 17, 2008


We're back home!
And the best news is that the pathology on the tumor says that it's maturing. It isn't completely mature yet, but it's getting there. Our oncologist wants to just wait and observe the tumor with MRIs. So, no chemo and no surgery as of now. We will have another MRI in three weeks and if there is some change then she may need more chemo or possibly neurosurgery at that point. She will keep her hickman line in until they are certain that she won't need more chemotherapy.
This is really the best news that we could have hoped for.

Physical therapy also came by for a consult on her right leg. She's moving it some, but not a lot. PT gave us some exercises to do at home to strengthen the affected muscles. We will also be going to out-patient PT once insurance approves it. The nerve grows back at a millimeter a day, so it will just take some time.

We are very glad to be home.
Thank you, thank you, thank you to Danelle and family for watching Humphrey!
And thank you for checking in with us!


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Yipee!!! So glad to hear everyone is back home, I'm sure Mad loves being back in familiar surroundings. And I know Humphrey missed his favorite little girl :)

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