June 3, 2008

Surgery Scheduled

After speaking with the surgeon this morning, it looks like surgery is scheduled for June 11th. It will be a big surgery, and as high-risk as her previous neurosurgery. She will have an upside-down U shaped incision across her tummy.

The neurosurgeon will also be present for the surgery and he will try to remove some of the tumor that is poking out of the spinal canal. she has one tumor that started in her abdomen and grew into her spinal cord and then fingers of it are sticking out of the other side of the spine. These "fingers" are what the neurosurgeon is going to try to remove. Once the surgery is over she will be recovering in PICU (pediatric intensive care unit), hopefully for only one night, until the breathing tube is removed. It’s estimated that she will be hospitalized for 5-6 days as long as everything goes smoothly.

We are anxious about the surgery, but I know it is going to go well.


Ericka said...

The cool thing about having a tummy scar is that MG will probably be less likely to give you a hard time about wanting a belly-button piercing when she's 14.

Good luck!

Amber said...

Well, she's already a bit of a drama queen, so we'll see!

Kyle said...

It just means that she'll be asking for a tattoo to go over it!
It's great to hear everything is sounding positive for her recovery. We'll be sure to give you a call after the 11th!
Kyle & Becky

danelle said...

We already know she a strong little fighter!! We can take Humpy on the 10th if it is easier. I can come and sit with you guys during surgery too, I have several volunteers to watch the girls.