February 11, 2009

Wednesday update

We are currently sitting in Madeleine's hospital room waiting for her to pee. They won't let us go home until she goes. It's been hours! Her catheter was removed this morning, her IV was taken out, and her leads removed. We spent some time in the playroom, but have mostly been hanging out in her room.

She did pretty well overnight. She was mostly kept doped up on the tylenol with codeine which made her sleep except for between 2-3:30 am (of course).

She walked this morning, and is continuing to become more and more stable on her feet. She is just on tylenol now, and doesn't seem to be having any pain.

We've been loading her up with fluids, she's got to go sometime soon, right? We're eager to get home.

The next step is waiting on the pathology of the tumor. I believe that this will take a couple of weeks. We are hoping that the pathology comes back showing that the tumor is maturing.

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Susan Dana said...

It is so great to hear how she has sailed through this surgery. What a trooper!