February 25, 2009


Yesterday I took Mad to a free Gymboree class. The class was fun, she really enjoyed the interaction with the other kids. And she loved climbing all over the foam mats, slides, and other equipment. This class would be good for continuing to build the strength in her leg, and correcting her balance. We would sign up for the class if it wasn't so expensive. I started looking around to see if I could find another class somewhere else for a little cheaper. I looked at the YMCA, but they are twice the cost, if you factor in a $70 monthly membership, plus the cost of the class itself. I'm still looking around for some low-cost alternatives. I like the idea of classes. I like having the time scheduled. I don't like paying so much money to essentially sing songs and roll balls down a slide.

Here are some recent pictures. She's getting so much hair now! It's still fine (she has my hair), but at least it's growing.


Ericka said...

!! :) !! a little gardener, I like it.

I couldn't really find any specific pricing on the website but I've heard great things from other moms about http://www.thelittlegym.com/

Jenny said...

A nice way to meet other moms and babies is to do check out meetup.com - I took a look and found a babies of '07 and '08 meetup and they only want five bucks a year to join. Here is the link for that http://sahm.meetup.com/2980/

Also the city of El Cajon community centers have some reasonable more formal classes (you could check out the community centers in your area for similar) you can see the El Cajon classes at about p. 26 at http://www.ci.el-cajon.ca.us/dept/rec/recguide.pdf

Hope that helps!

Susan Dana said...

I've struggled over the Gymboree issue too b/c Sophie enjoyed her free class, but $70 a month is a lot for just one class per week. (Plus, I ended up buying Sophie the toys she expressed an interest in during the class.) I guess if you take advantage of the free play times, it could be worth it. I've had a lot of luck going to the free story times at our local library and the sing-a-longs at the local bookstore. The only thing is they don't have all the fun equipment. You could also check out gocitykids.parentsconnect.com for a calendar of local activities for kids.

Hope said...

She's beautiful! I'm thinking of putting Ava in a class too. Have you checked the library? I know some libraries have baby/mom classes with stories and singing, etc... And it's free! I'm goona check out thelittlegym that Ericka said;)

Eileen said...

There is a guy that sings in the coastal north county and there are a ton of kids Madeleine's age. He plays all sorts of fun songs and really interacts with the kids. I think its a $3 or 5 donation. Also the public library usually does a free weekly reading group. I used to take Ava when she was little and she loved it.

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