February 22, 2009


I've been horrible about posting pictures lately. In fact I've been bad at taking pictures altogether. Somewhere after 12 months, it really started to dwindle. I'm hoping to put up some pictures this afternoon, or tomorrow.

I received a voice mail from Mad's doctor that stated the the pathology report "looks good." I don't know what that means, but I guess it sounds good. We have a meeting with her on Tuesday morning, so hopefully I will know more after that. Also, the sample was supposed to be sent to L.A., but never was. Dealing with the two different teams and two different hospitals has been somewhat difficult. They aren't really communicating all that well.

The sleep thing is getting better...mostly. Madeleine was given a glow worm toy that lights up and plays music when you tap it. I tried putting this in bed with her yesterday at her nap and I was amazed at how well it worked to put her to sleep without crying. She kept it going for probably about 15 minutes before drifting off, but no tears! We tried it again for bed time last night and she cried while keeping the music and lights on. Eventually Ryan went in the room and just placed a hand on her until she (still keeping the music on!) finally fell asleep. We do have a CD that we play every night, but it doesn't seem to do anything in terms of relaxing her. I like to think that now it prepares her for bedtime, as some kind of signal that sleeping is imminent. If this glow worm works I owe Sarah (who gave it to her) my life, or sanity! And, she slept for a whole five hours in a row last night! She was out from 8:30 until 1:30 this morning. Of course then she wanted "baps" (her word for milk, we can't figure out why, because I've only ever called it "milk") mostly continuously until about 5:30 this morning when she decided to get up for the day.

Madeleine's walking is now back to where it was pre-surgery. I was a little worried for a few days because she wasn't walking at all, but she has really started to take steps on her own again. I imagine that the spine just needed to do some more healing.

Humphrey did very well at his audition, but I don't think he got the job. He really enjoyed getting so much attention though, and it was a funny experience.


Anonymous said...

How great that the glow worm helped! We're happy to hear about the "looks good" report and hope you have good reports on Tuesday.
Love Nana

AM said...

Hi Amber,
We had trouble with getting Jack to sleep for a long time too. Because he was preemie and had some breathing issues in the first 3-4 mos we never let him "cry it out" either. At 7 mos we did start trying to get into a bedtime routine which was difficult the first few weeks but works really well now. He knows that after he reads a few stories and we turn on his "bedtime CD" that he's going to sleep. I think just having a routine- whatever it is- prepares them for bedtime. He rarely puts up a fight now. Good luck and hopefully longer periods of sleep are on the way for you three!

Nick said...

Sofie got up at ~11:30 last night, walked downstairs, and turned on every light in the house before coming back up to wake us.

Awesome. Time to start using that baby gate again. She can open the front door now, so we're terrified she's gonna decide one night that she's hungry and go out for a taco.