November 26, 2008

Sleepless in San Diego

The MRI yesterday went very well. We don't have results yet, but I will post them when we do. Mad's counts are all up and we are getting ready to head north for Thanksgiving.

The night before the MRI Madeleine slept so poorly that she was awake at least every hour until 4:00am. At that point she decided that she was done feigning sleep and got up for the day. Yes, at FOUR AM. I grabbed a blanket and a book and took her into the living room so that she could play and let Ryan get some sleep. At 5:45, she was acting tired and I managed to get her back to sleep and then crawled into bed myself, thinking that I could at least sleep for a little over an hour before having to get up for our 8am doctor's appointment. Unbelievably she woke up 15 minutes later.

We made it through a long wait at the hospital because her MRI was pushed back until 1:30pm. She was tired and hungry, but did remarkably well. When they were injecting the Propofol to sedate her the anesthesiologist remarked that it was taking a larger than normal dose to make her go to sleep. You think?! Knowing my kid and her horrible sleep habits, I am not surprised.

Last night she finally slept, only waking about three times. That may seem like a lot, but for us it was much better than usual. We also gave her something the doctor called "magic mouthwash" to help with her teething. She can't take Advil or aspirin due to the effect on the white blood cells and chemotherapy, so the doctor prescribed this magical elixir of lidocaine, maalox and benadryl. I'm really hoping that last night's good sleep was related to the prescription (because we can and will give that again!), and not the sheer exhaustion (because she obviously does not need sleep as much as the average baby).

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

oh-oh- shades of Uncle Kyle - who still doesn't sleep

jocelyn said...

Ah yes, I have had that night before. In fact, I had a night like that just a week or so ago. What's with these babies who think sleeping in hour long increments is okay?

We came to the ranch for T-day and even though Sofie did not go to sleep one night until 10:00 and woke up at 5:40, she still took a ridiculously long time to fall asleep the following night. (Over an hour!)

I feel your pain. Vent to me anytime you need.

And, remember the mantra, that smart children have difficulty sleeping.