November 12, 2008


We had a very blah day at clinic today. Nothing interesting happened, except that we played in the playroom for a good hour and a half before chemo (she had hydration fluids running). Mad was sick again this morning at clinic so they started her meds earlier than normal. That means that I have to end them earlier than normal tonight. She can only have up to three doses a day, and I'm hoping it's enough to keep her feeling good through the night. I'm feeling a little stressed out about trying to get papers and group projects done (or even started) for school, and keeping up with my work responsibilities. It's hard when I'm at clinic for so much of the day. It's not like I can work on school stuff there either, because Mad will only nap for about an hour if I'm lucky. When she finally does nap I'm so worn out from trying to entertain her for so many hours that I end up just doing the newspaper crossword puzzle, or reading something for pleasure (after a long-awaited bathroom break!). I'm sure I'll figure it all out regarding school and work. My primary concern during chemo weeks is making sure she is feeling good and happy.

Two days to go! Her MRI is scheduled for November 25th. We are fully expecting to have more rounds of chemo after that, but it will be good to see the effect that the chemo is having on the tumor.

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Susan Dana said...

You're an amazing, dedicated mother. Madeleine is so lucky to have you. I don't know anyone else organized enough to both work and take care of a baby undergoing chemotherapy. I hope that you can find some time this weekend to give yourself more of a break than just a crossword puzzle!