November 19, 2008

Week off

I'm waiting to hear about lab results from clinic today, but other than that there is no new news. Madeleine is feeling fine, except for the teething that has us all awake every hour. Tylenol didn't seem to help, I'm wondering if Benadryl would help her (me) sleep?

She pulled her train over to this table so that she could stand on the train and get the toy from the table.


Ericka said...

hmmm.... what to wear today. so many choices!

jocelyn said...

Teething is really difficult - sorry about the poor sleep. I think, though, you might recall the time we tried Benadryl on Sofie (at Doug and Danelle's house) and how well it worked for us - for two hours.

Sorry she's up so much ... it really is difficult.

Danelle said...

Yep remember that try, every child is different, Benadryl works for Kass but has the opposite effect on Audrey. She is over a year so you can use Advil now (I would check with the clinic thought since it is a blood thinner) but I find that advil works better for fevers and pain from teething for both of the girls, we don't even have tyenol in the house. How much does she weigh now I know that at a year Audrey was put on children's instead of infant