November 9, 2008

Bassets and birthday

I haven't posted much in the last week. I've been very busy with work starting up for the year (I work online, from home, part time), and school work. Ryan's been sick with a terrible cold that's been going around, and I think I have the beginnings of it today. Just in time for chemo week! We're really hoping that Mad doesn't get it, especially going into chemo. It's really not fair to give a kid a cold and then completely wipe out her immune system. I noticed that Madeleine has started losing her hair. I saw a bunch of it on me this morning and it's starting to come out if you tug on it. I have this obsessive compulsion to pull on her hair everyday. It probably looks like a mama gorilla searching for fleas. Ha! Ryan is threatening to shave his head when she loses all her hair this time around. I'm not so sure that's good idea.

Last week we babysat a friend's basset hound, Charlie. We loved having Charlie around because he was a great friend for Humphrey and very snuggable. He also doesn't bark, and slobbers significantly less than Humphrey, but it made me realize that I definitely don't want two dogs, at least not two goofy bassets.

Bassets spooning.
Humphrey can only share his bed if he's asleep.

Unfortunately she's not asleep. If it were that easy we'd let her sleep with Humphrey every night!

We also had birthday party part II this weekend. Most of our friends couldn't make it because we had to postpone the date. We ended up having a quiet, relaxing get together with just a couple of people. It worked out well since Ryan and I were both not feeling very well. I hope Maddie isn't disappointed next weekend when there are no balloons, cupcakes, or gifts to open! I think she could get used to this.

Tomorrow begins another week of chemo. Hard to believe it's already time for round two. After this round she will have an MRI (probably the week of Thanksgiving, but it's not scheduled yet) and we will go from there. Our doctor was fairly certain that she would need at least two more rounds, so I'm not getting my hopes up about the results.

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