October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We are so glad to be done with our week of chemotherapy. Mad's counts on Friday were still pretty good so I took her to the pumpkin patch with some friends. It was a little crowded but we had a good time. The older kids had fun crawling on hay bales and walking through a corn maze. Everyone enjoyed picking out a pumpkin, even Madeleine - she wouldn't let go of it once we gave it to her.

Mad, Andrew, Audrey, Kassidy

Enjoying some pumpkin time

Emus are the strangest looking creatures.

A home health nurse came out on Saturday and taught me how to give her the shot. The needle is much smaller than the one that I practiced with in clinic, and the whole thing went rather well. I feel much better about having to do the injections.

We have clinic again on Tuesday for labs. Hopefully the GSF shot will be doing it's job and raising her white blood cells so that the need for a transfusion, or platelets, will be less.


Susan Dana said...

Madeleine is so adorable! It looks like she's been having fun between the pumpkin patch and her new water pool/toy:) We're thinking of you guys and how special it was when we first met Madeleine one year ago! She is such a wonderful, beautiful little girl:)

Ericka said...

Emus are weird looking.

MG is much more adorable. yay pumpkins. looks like fun.

Anonymous said...

She looks so serious! She's taking this pumpkin thing seriously I guess.