October 9, 2008


We spent a long day at the hospital yesterday, with more to come today. When we showed up at Radiology to get the nuclear medicine injection they said, "Has she had her drops?" No...what drops? Someone was supposed to tell me to go to the pharmacy to get drops that she has to have 30 minutes before the injection. Annoyingly the Radiology tech said, "Don't you remember that she had to have drops before her last MIBG?" First of all, we were in-patient during her last MIBG, so the nurse must've given them to her, and no, I don't remember. Secondly, that was eight months ago. Thirdly, she had just been diagnosed with cancer a couple of days before that, so no, I don't remember that she had received drops. So, after a little confusion, we headed to the pharmacy. These drops had to be diluted in water, so I dumped most of the water out of her sippy cup and put the drops in. Of course, the drops taste disgusting, so after one swallow she wouldn't drink anymore. I added more water and she drank some of it. It's sort of impossible to make a baby drink when she doesn't want to and I'm tired of medicine that isn't baby friendly, especially from Children's Hospital. So she had some drops, hopefully enough.

Back to Radiology after the requisite 30 minutes where she finally got her injection through her line (so she didn't feel anything).

After that we had to go to clinic for a doctor check where we waited FOREVER. In all we spent four hours at the hospital for a five-minute injection and a five-minute doctor check.

Today she has her scan (MIBG) at 2:30. Hopefully we'll have some news by next week about the upcoming treatment plan.

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