October 20, 2008

Day One - check!

Day one of the new chemo treatment is done. Only four more to go this week!
It actually went a little faster than we had expected, we were home by five. If this chemo doesn't work, or even if it does, our doctor seemed pretty certain that she will be starting radiation at some point in the future. So, I guess we have that to look forward to...

In her urinalysis today they found some red blood cells. This could be because of some of the past chemo that can break down tissues in the bladder. This new course of chemo also contains that particular drug (cyclophosphamide, a cytotoxin), so they will be measuring her urine very carefully. If it's still a problem we may need to be in-patient so that she can be constantly hydrated via an IV. The hours of pre and post hydration that she receives now are for this reason, so that the fluid pushes the drug out and it doesn't cause problems in the bladder. It could also just be a fluke thing, caused by diaper rash or something like that. So, hopefully it's nothing and they'll just keep a close eye on it.

Regarding her birthday party:
Our doctor thinks that we should postpone her party by a week so that she has a better chance of her counts being up, and less of a chance of infection. So, her party will be a week later than planned. *If you are a grandparent, Aunt or Uncle and already have plane tickets you can still come on the original date. I guess she'll just have two first birthday parties!

Pictures from this past weekend:

Yes, it was laundry day. She doesn't normally wear green flowery pants with a Harley Davidson onesie - I promise.

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Hope said...

I still have my bladder checked due to Cytoxan. I have all the faith that she'll respond very well to these treatments. I wish I could do them for her. That's a rough schedule for anyone. You are doing so well with her.