September 1, 2008

A post full of pictures

We spent the weekend at a friend's cabin in Idylwild. Everyone had a great time and I loved getting out of the house for a couple of days.

Mad and Noah

Freak hailstorm

Ryan and Doug

Playing cards

Crawling through the tunnel

Going for a walk (Kassidy, Danelle, Audrey)

So tired!



When we got home Madeleine pulled herself up to standing three different times. This is a new skill for her as her right leg hasn't been strong enough to let her do this. So far she's needed an intermediate step (like a stepladder), or something real low (like her toy basket). But she's doing it!


Ericka said...

way to go speedracer, MG. ;)

Kyle said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend! I'm really impressed that Maddy is able to pull herself upright. That's awesome!