September 19, 2008

No new news

I finally talked to the hospital a couple of days ago. They said that the nuclear medicine scan people are really backed up and that they are still working on getting her in for her MIBG. I understand that these things happen, but it's annoying and worrisome. If the tumor is indeed growing, as suspected, shouldn't we get the scan and start chemo sooner rather than later?

Ryan decided not to go to Croatia for a conference so that he could be here for Madeleine's chemo. He's still busy working all the time, trying to finish up his thesis.

Madeleine is pulling up and standing more than ever. She's started to "cruise" a little. Taking small steps while hanging onto something. She loves to go outside and play in the dirt in the planter beds. And yesterday she managed to find the grease trap that hangs off the barbecue (I didn't even know such a thing existed). When I got to her her mouth and hands were covered in grease. Yum! I'm sure that's healthy. She also says "dada" a lot, which means, Dada, baby and dog.

Hopefully I'll have more news soon.


Anonymous said...

If she's started walking by hanging on to things she'll be walking in about a month - better get the house baby-proofed!

Grandma N

Nick said...

My nearly two year-old still calls me "doggie" most of the time. ;)

danelle said...

Doug is mommydaddy :) Which is better than mommy which he was for quite some time LOL, Kass did the exact same thing :)