September 4, 2008


I spoke with our oncologist earlier today. The results of the MRI are not what we had hoped for. The radiologist that read the scans thinks that the tumor that is in her spine may have grown a tiny amount since her last MRI. If anything, it's certainly not shrinking. Also, her VMA (which is what they measure in her urine) is up a little from last time too. Her current levels are at 41, and to be considered normal, or disease free, she would need to be below 5. Dr. Kim suspects that there is still some active tumor.

Our doctor is ordering an MIBG, which is where a radioactive dye is injected into her, and the active part of the tumor picks up the dye and shows up on a scan. This way we will know how much of her tumor is still active, and how much has matured.

She may need more chemo.


Ericka said...

Let's name that tumor Felix and have a voodoo doll created so we can stick pins in him or feed him to Humphrey. I hate Felix.
*big hugs*

Nick said...

Hang tough. We're all thinking of you guys.

jocelyn said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear that - I know this is not the news you were hoping for.

We're here for you, for anything.