July 29, 2008

As Promised

Hi, today is my last day of being eight months old.

I'm getting better at standing. I'm very sure I can do this on my own, but mama is not so sure.

My eyes used to be bluer than mama's, but this month they really turned a brownish greenish hazel.

Mama left the room for three seconds and I figured out how to be a snail!

These are pictures of Mad's room. It's my favorite room of the house and maybe the only part of this house that I will miss when we move. Yellow is definitely not my favorite color, so we took a big chance when we painted the walls. If the new tenants are who I think they are, the twenty-one year old male that will inhabit this room will not appreciate the yellow walls. Sorry!

Madeleine's counts on Friday were at 330 (ANC), but her white blood cells, hemoglobin, and platelets are all up from last Monday so I'm pretty sure she is on her way back up. We have clinic again on Friday, and nothing (!) at all this week until then. wahoo!


jocelyn said...

Woooo!!! Crawling AND standing! You're in for it now! That's fantastic news though!

Ericka said...

arrrrr.... matey. love the pics.