July 26, 2008

On the Move

Are most parents this excited when their baby starts crawling? I don't know. She's really crawling now. I was worried for a long time because I thought that her leg would stop her from being able to get around, but she's figured out a way of half dragging it that works surprisingly well. The only down side is that she now has carpet burn on her knee...

Clinic never called with her counts yesterday, so I'll try to call them today. I guess if they didn't call it's a good thing, and means that she doesn't need blood. Hopefully it means that she's on her way back up. I need to call regardless though because they didn't give me an appointment for next week. We have NOTHING scheduled for next week and I don't know what I would do with a whole week with no doctors appointments!

My new camera arrived yesterday so look out for new pictures later today or tomorrow.

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