July 17, 2008

Round 5, day 3 Done

Yesterday was fine, and Mad seems to be feeling okay.

Next week we already have four medical appointments (make that five, I have an eye doctor appointment too) scheduled. This is seriously a full time job. On Monday alone we have: clinic appointment for labs, physical therapy, post-op surgeon appointment to check on her incision. Luckily all of these are near each other. On Tuesday she is scheduled for an EKG. She had one when we were in-patient the first time, just to get a baseline. Something else the chemo treatments can do is mess with one's heart. So they are checking her out now to make sure that everything is functioning normally. She will also have another one when she is finished with chemo treatments. Unfortunately she has to be sedated for this procedure. It's not painful, basically it's like an ultrasound, but she has to be very still. So, we're facing another six hours of not eating.

Yesterday one of the nurses asked me if I was happy with the care we have received at the hospital. I have to say that we are incredibly happy with the care we've received. The nurses and doctors have all been amazing and have gone out of their way (the nurses especially) to make sure we are well cared for. Of course every once in awhile we get a nurse that isn't so great, but mostly this has not been in oncology or clinic. And, we are very lucky with the primary oncologist that we have. I'm not sure how they decide which oncologist you get when your child is diagnosed, perhaps it's just whichever doctor is in-patient that day. There are about ten other oncologists, and we have seen most of them in the clinic (where they seem to rotate through doctors that see patients). While all of them have been competent and friendly, I'm really glad that our primary oncologist is who she is.

This picture was taken four months ago, during her first hospitalization. She's grown so much since then!

This is at six months old.


Becky said...

Love the pic in the bouncy chair, she looks so happy! I can hear her squeals of laughter coming through the computer :)

bex said...

That's one cute baby!~ Love, Bex

Sarah said...

Awww, she's starting to look more like you, Amber!! What a doll.

jocelyn said...

Love the bandana! Cannot wait to see you all!