July 28, 2009

Birthday in July

Madeleine's second birthday isn't until October, but at the suggestion of her physical therapist we bought her a bike, a very early birthday present. The bike is a little bit big for her, and I'm trying to devise some blocks on the pedals type of work-around, but for now she is enjoying scooting around on it and ringing the bell. The bike is a Schwinn. I love the retro styling.

The physical therapist also had us purchase insoles that slip into Mad's shoes to try to keep her from walking on the inside of her right foot. So far the insoles really seem to be helping. Of course they did not fit in her current shoes, so we also had to buy her new shoes. Shoes that are about a half-size too big just so that the insoles will fit. Expensive kid! Going shoe shopping with Mad is kind of an experience. She loves shoes, and will pick out all kinds of inappropriate shoes and insist on trying them on.

We recently bought a cheap kiddie pool, but prior to doing that, the water table sufficed in cooling her down on a very hot day.




These last two pictures are from a recent trip to the zoo to check out their new kid's playground. The playground is more for older kids, but she still had a good time. We also checked out the petting zoo, elephants and some other animals.

Mad and I have been thoroughly enjoying the summer. Lots of beach trips, trips to pools to play with friends, birthday parties, and visiting the local park. This week we are lucky to have Nana staying with us. Mad is loving spending time with her grandmother and I'm enjoying some little breaks - like going grocery shopping on my own!


Bree said...

forget the birthday, it looks like christmas. how fun! her hair is looking really cute!

Becky said...

Inappropriate shoes, huh? sounds like a proper girl to me, just wait till she discovers heels :)

Karen said...

She's getting so big!!!

Adelaide Morris said...

OMG she looks soooo tall!! What a grownup little girl aww! She looks so much like you in these pics Amber :D LOVE IT!

Hi, my name is Sarah. said...

She's getting so big! Ruth and Alden have the same trike, in red. I put a rolled up receiving blanket behind their backs so they could sit closer to the handlebars and pedals, she'll be cruising the neighborhood in no time!