July 16, 2009

More pictures

Over the weekend we went to a friend's second birthday party. The party was a princess and bounce house party, which are two things that I knew Mad would love. She had so much fun splashing in the pools and jumping in the bounce house. As I was getting these pictures ready to post, she kept insisting, "more bounce!" Now that she knows what a bounce house is, I'm already anticipating the tantrum at our next trip to the park on a weekend (where there are guaranteed to be no less than two bounce houses, and three birthday parties).

Look, we finally got her into a swimsuit other than the Elmo one!

The birthday girl, Amanda

I like the way the netting on the bounce house frames some of these pictures.

Ryan and I may have had more fun than the girls did playing in the bounce house.

The next day. Notice the green stains on her shirt, that's from a princess stamp that came in a gift bag. The stamp was a big hit. So big that it's all over her clothes and the car seat.

Yesterday after Mad and I took a walk around our block looking for kitty cats, we found two baby birds on the driveway. One was dead, and this one was barely alive. I don't know where they came from, I didn't see a nest anywhere nearby. I don't want to take care of a baby bird. I don't want to feed it every twenty minutes from sunrise to sunset, but I couldn't just leave it there to die. We made a nest in a box and I've been feeding it an egg yolk mixture. I'm very surprised that it survived the night. He still doesn't look very good, but amazingly, still alive.

I found a use for a syringe left over from Mad's medicine. I knew I kept it for a reason.

UPDATE: Bird died shortly after I posted this.


Ericka said...

first - the delight on MG and your face in the bounce-house is beautiful.

second - why do baby birds look like such hideous little monsters. I half expect that baby to shoot poisonous phenom into your eye (of course, your eye. all evil animals instinctively know that the eye is the most vulnerable). your local animal shelter should take him off your hands for you, if you want.

Kristen said...

The photos of Mad are awesome! She is so gorgeous :)

Yes, you can buy the lanyards online. If you visit Erin Buenger's site - www.erinbuenger.blogspot.com , her mom, Vickie is spearheading the Lanyard selling. I believe her stock is pretty low right now because she sent about 60 to be sold in Chicago at the NB conference. However, I would just leave a comment saying you're interested and she can let you know more about what they have in stock, or when they will have more! :-)

Bree said...

I love the new bathing suit. Too cute!

You better start saving your $$, Mad's gonna want a bounce house for her birthday.

I can't believe you're feeding the baby bird. Where did you learn to make an egg mixture? Was it online? I had to send a baby bird off to the local shelter last year when I was teaching.

Jack said...

poor bird