June 29, 2009

Test Results

I FINALLY got Madeleine's latest test results:
VMA - 36 (down 4 from last month)
HVA - 46.6 (up 7 from last month)

The nurse told me that because of the equipment failure and all of the problems that they had in getting the tests ran that most kids are showing an increase in the HVA, so I'm not concerned that that has risen. We go in for her next test in about a week and a half, and hopefully that will be a bit better. I am excited that the VMA is down, which means that eliminating some of the foods that cause the VMA levels to rise has helped.

Also, I was just told that if you are viewing this using Internet Explorer it's not exactly working. I can't figure out what the problem is, but I'm working on it.

I solved the problem (apparently bullet points is code for "delete everything" in Internet Explorer). I had to delete two previous posts. I may or may not restore them.


Anonymous said...

That's good news.
Glad to hear it!
Nana Nancy

Bree said...

No wonder I couldn't read your post on cancer facts. Good to know about the bullet points. Glad to see that the test results were mostly positive. :)

JT said...

Hi Amber
thanks so much for the posts, I check in at least once a week to follow the progress of little Madeleine. I want to donate for your marathon, and would like it very much if you'd embroider the name of my niece on your race-shirt. Abigail Marks completed treatment for Hodgkins Lymphoma this last spring. So far, so good.
God bless you all
Janice Trabish