June 30, 2009

Running Update

My half marathon training is going very well. I finally bought new shoes and took them out for a four mile run today with the stroller. It was hot, but the shoes feel good. Madeleine is so good in the stroller, I think she actually enjoys it. Of course running with the jogging stroller is very different than running on my own, but I'm very glad that she tolerates it, or I wouldn't be able to train hardly at all. My longest run so far has been 6 miles. A little less than half of what I'll need to be up to in six weeks! This weekend I am participating in a 10k (6.2 miles) run on the fourth of July. The race takes place on my normal weekend running path, Miramar Lake. I'm excited about the race, and I think it will be good practice for the real deal.

If you are interested in donating to CureSearch, and don't want to use the online donation site, you can send a check to me, made out to "CureSearch," and I will send it on to them with the paperwork that they require. Remember that all donations are tax deductible. Please use the "contact me" on the sidebar to email me for my address.

Also, today I received two more names to add to my shirt. Two more stories that I didn't know before today, and two more kids who will benefit from the funds that we are raising. I am very excited about the shirt project, and can't wait to get started with adding the names. A lot of times when I'm tired of running, and my brain is trying to convince my body to walk, I think about Madeleine and all that she has endured: the nausea and vomiting that were caused by chemo, the tough recoveries from surgeries, the work that she has had to do to regain strength in her leg. I think about her hospitilizations and the pain that I know she was experiencing before we realized anything was wrong. These thoughts make me keep running, and now I have three more stories of inspiration, bravery, and resilience to keep me moving.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you got the shoes. Keep those feet happy!
Nana Nancy