June 17, 2009

Still waiting for test results and physical therapy

I spoke with clinic today to follow up with Mad's VMA/HVA results. Apparently the lab that the tests are sent to has experienced some huge equipment failure, so now the labs are being sent to a different lab. I probably won't have results until next week. It is so frustrating waiting on test results!

Yesterday Madeleine went for a physical therapy assessment. You may remember that we were going to physical therapy for a few months, but stopped about six months ago when we changed insurance. Also, this was before she was walking, and I really didn't feel that it was helping all that much. Even though she has gained a lot of strength in her right leg, she still struggles with it. Stairs are a little bit of a problem, because she will only lift her left leg to go up. Also, uneven ground is difficult because she lacks the balance that is needed to navigate soft or bumpy surfaces. I want to make sure that we are doing everything we can to even out her strength and balance. The assessment went very well and we are scheduled to go once a week for an hour for the next five weeks. Our therapist is working on getting our insurance to pay for more than the five sessions that they initially allow. The therapist was also glad to hear that we are going to gymnastics classes too. I told Mad's gym teacher about all of this during her class this morning and she said that we may be able to write off her gym classes on our taxes as some sort of physical therapy. I'll definitely be checking that out.

In other news, we've raised $400 for CureSearch in just four days!! I'm also eagerly awaiting a donation that is coming in the mail that will more than double this amount. I'm so excited! I spoke with a representative from CureSearch on the phone today (they called me to see how they can help) and she was very thankful for the fundraising and the donations. So I'm passing that thank you along to everyone that has donated so far, and everyone that plans to within the next couple months. A big thank you also to those of you that have posted links and posts about this cause on your blogs and Facebook pages - I really appreciate it!

Click here to go to the donation page, or click on the "donate" button on the sidebar.

Somersault video:


Bree said...

Waiting...Waiting..Waiting. The story of my life right now. Bummer that you have to wait. Hopefully, you'll hear something soon.
My computer was being weird and wouldn't let me watch the sumersault video. I bet it's cute. I'll have to check back.
Congrats on the big donations. I knew you could do it.
Hope the training is going well.

Sarah said...

We got a call today too about the equipment being broken. Totally sucks.