June 11, 2009

Mama, Boffee

Every morning when Madeleine traipses into our room at 6:15 am, she tries to get me up, "mama up!" mama UUUUUUPPPP!" When this fails she toddles over to Ryan's side of the bed and says, "mama, boffee." As in, Dada, we need to make some coffee to get mama out of bed. This usually does the trick.

A few days ago we made some playdough:

Of course now the colors are all mixed up, but she still likes to play with it.

Today Mad has a clinic visit to test her VMA and HVA levels, think low numbers! We've been avoiding all of the foods on the VMA diet list, so hopefully we will see a decrease from the last set of measurements.

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jocelyn said...

why? why do they sleep so poorly and still insist on waking us up that early? i do not understand, but i think that if we took a trip to SD we could just put sofie and mad in your house together and we could go get a hotel room and sleep in while they play with play doh.

today i told sofie to go and read some books to sammy in her "house" (giant cardboard box with windows and a door) and she did. it was awesome.