March 16, 2009

Pre-Op Line Removal

We had our pre-op appointment this afternoon to have Mad's line removed. Nothing exciting, they are going to remove the line, as we expected. We now have to wait for insurance to authorize the 20 minute out-patient procedure, and then be put on the surgeon's schedule. They said it could take 2-3 weeks just for the authorization!! Hopefully it won't be that long because I'm so eager to get that line out.

Because Ryan is out of town at a conference in Philadelphia this week (he gave a talk this morning and it went really well), Mad, Humphrey and I are headed up to Coarsegold tomorrow to visit grandma and grandpa. I also hear that there will be some snowmobiling (for me, not Mad) with Uncle Kyle and Aunt Karen! I'm excited, but a little nervous. The one and only time that I rode my brother's dirtbike I propelled us both over the handlebars. Sure, that was probably fifteeen years ago (holy crap I'm old!) - but I haven't learned anything about driving recreational vehicles in the interim.

Thanks for thinking of my friends and their baby. The baby's surgery went very well and they are currently recovering in the hospital. They didn't even have to go to the ICU, which is GREAT news. I'm sure they are relieved to have the surgery behind them.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Ryan's talk went well. Make sure and bring any snow type gear you have for this weekend. Dad went snowmobiling with K &K all day yesterday and just loved it.he wore snow pants on top of his jeans. He now has a sunburn on his nose. Drive carefully! Can't wait to see you both. Grandma

Hope said...

I'm so glad that your friend's surgery went well. Insurance is not my favorite subject! (Big surprise, huh? LOL)

Thinking of you guys,

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the removal is an outpatient procedure. Hope is gets approved and scheduled soon. Have a great time with your family and have a safe trip.
See you soon.
NaNa Nancy

Ericka said...

oooh. beware of trees.

Susan Dana said...

Thank you so much for your support Amber:) Neil, Sophie and I really appreciate it. Her chest x-rays looked good this afternoon and she may actually be going home tomorrow:) I'll call you to fill you in.

I'm sorry to hear that the insurance is slowing things down again, but it's great that Madeleine is doing so well and it's just a matter of getting everything scheduled and approved.