March 12, 2009

A Hodge Podge of Things

I haven't posted in awhile and I don't have much to report. Mad and I have been busy with various play dates and other outings. Yesterday I took her to a free class at The Little Gym (thanks Ericka, for the idea!). Madeleine absolutely loved it. This class included more tumbling than the Gymboree class, in fact Mad learned how to do a somersault (with help), and now she just won't stop doing them. She puts her head on the floor, looks out through her legs and waits for someone to grab her hips to help her over. When she woke up this morning (in our bed...of course), that's the first thing that she did. I liked the format of the Little Gym class better than Gymboree as well. There was still singing and some group time, but there was also a good amount of independent time to explore the gym. There were only five or six other toddlers in the class, and this seemed like a benefit as well. She was way less overwhelmed at this class. Unfortunately the cost is about the same as Gymboree. After talking it over, I think that we are going to commit to it until the end of the semester (June), that way we can really see if it's worth it before signing her up for a whole 20 weeks of classes.

I'm looking forward to her appointment with the surgeon on Monday so that we can then schedule a date to have her line removed. Can't wait!

Please take a minute and send some good thoughts/prayers/whatever to my friend whose baby is undergoing a serious and scary surgery today. I don't want to share too many details because I didn't ask her if it was okay. Her in-patient recovery is expected to take at least a week. Having been through something similar, I know that handing your baby to the operating room nurse is one of the most difficult and helpless feelings I've ever encountered. Thanks for your thoughts.

At Seaworld with Kassidy and Audrey. During the Shamu show, Madeleine kept mooing at Shamu. I'm pretty sure she thought he was a cow (he's black and white and his name sounds like "moo" I can totally see the mix-up ;) )

This is what happened when I brought the big box of medical supplies down in order to see what I needed to reorder. All of those things on the floor are gauze packets. I use one or two of these a week and they give me boxes at a time. Mad took it upon herself to empty the box and climb in.

Love the hooded towels!

It got below 65 degrees. She figured she needed to suit up for our walk.

Speaking of walking, I acquired a new (to me) jogging stroller that I'm really loving. It is so much easier to push it over the uneven sidewalk and curbs. I've even taken it out on a short run and was surprised at how easy it is to run with it.


Hope said...

I'm cracking up at the pic of her in the box, med supplies everywhere and the poor dog just laying there. Too funny! I'm glad she loved the class. She's adorable!

I'm praying for your friend.

jocelyn said...

Gosh, she's getting so big! I want to see her again!

Anonymous said...

Such cute pictures! She's really looking like a big girl. Can't wait to see you all soon. I'm glad you were prepared for the "cold" weather.
Out thoughts are with your friend and the baby.
Love, Nana