November 21, 2013

San Francisco x 2

Here we are in San Francisco again.  Madeleine began her inpatient stay at the hospital today.  She isn't in isolation yet, that starts tomorrow with the MIBG infusion.  Today was the Foley catheter placement and that went very well.

A couple days before we left for San Francisco Madeleine suddenly started having pain in her leg.  The pain is very reminiscent of the pain she was having before her (re)diagnosis six months ago.  It was also discovered at her clinic visit when we got here that her blood pressure is high again.  She is back on Amlodipine, and that is helping to lower her pressures, but we don't know yet what is making it go up.  Her scans from three weeks ago show improvement, and her doctor here thinks it's unlikely that the tumor would have grown that fast.  But with Madeleine, and with this disease, nothing is unlikely.  The pain has also been getting better, and she has needed less pain meds in the last couple of days.  No one can figure out what any of this means yet.  She is scheduled for an MIBG on Tuesday (standard procedure after the treatment), so perhaps we will see something then.  Until then we have mind-numbing hospital days of waiting and wondering.

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Milena said...

Hope you are having a nice Thanksgiving and that Madeleine is feeling well. Thinking of you.