September 2, 2009


This is my week:

I am watching my friend's daughter every day this week (and three days a week most weeks). This is an arrangement that I'm very happy with because it gives the girls a friend to play with, and it's also good practice for things like sharing and taking turns. Mad is having a hard time with these concepts, but I hope with practice that she'll get it. We're also dog sitting our favorite Basset Hound (don't tell Humphrey!) this week. So that makes two kids and two dogs. I like to have things in matched pairs. Today was my first outing with all four of them, and it was challenging. I have a new respect for moms and dads of multiple children!

And dog parents of more than one dog!


louise said... cute

Nancy said...

Those girls look like they're ready for anything. The dogs have the biggest smiles! Life is good.

Bree said...

Adorable! I tell ya, I sat and watched a lady unload her twins out of her car into a shopping cart today. It took like 5 minutes and it was almost 100 degrees. I felt for that woman. I wouldn't have had any energy left to get groceries.

Hi, my name is Sarah. said...

Aww I love kids in pairs too. Twins are fun, but I'm biased I suppose. At first it took forever to load and unload at the grocery store, but after a few trips I developed a whole system for maximum efficiency.

Ericka said...

looks like happy chaos. :)