September 1, 2009

MRI results

The results from last week's MRI show that the tumor is stable, and has not grown any since the last MRI - This is great news!!
The hospital is now classifying Madeleine as "off therapy." This doesn't really mean anything different for us, except that we are closer and closer to "cancer survivor," and "cancer-free" status. It's a great place to be.

The Off Therapy Transition Coordinator that I spoke with reminded me that there are a lot of college scholarships for kids that went through cancer treatment. So, we have that to look forward to. This isn't the way that I would go about securing a college scholarship, but if it works out that way I won't complain. This, coupled with the fact that Madeleine can now count to 14 means that she is Harvard bound!


louise said...

Of course I always knew she was brilliant!

Nancy said...

Great news!!

Hope said...

Yay!! GREAT news!!

Susan Dana said...

Wonderful, wonderful news!