August 11, 2009

CureSearch Shwag

Look at all the CureSearch logoed items I received in the mail today!

I know this is supposed to help my fundraising efforts, but I don't really have any idea what to do with it. Any ideas? There is a giant banner, two shirts, two water bottles, a bunch of bracelets and gold ribbon stickers (gold is the color for childhood cancer), brochures and a bag.

Give some to the next person to donate?

In other non-news: I got a call about Mad's latest VMA/HVA results. Apparently the wrong test was ordered, and they don't have the correct results. Lately it seems we have about a 50% chance of getting the correct results from these tests, or getting results at all. It's frustrating because, while it's only urine, and it's easy to collect, we do keep her on a special diet for three days beforehand that eliminates many of the foods that cause the test results to rise. Our case manager was very apologetic and offered to redo the test, but I opted to just wait and do it whenever we go in for her MRI - which is SUPPOSED to be this month, but the hospital is on some new scheduling system and everything is backed up (surprised? I'm not). I don't mean to be ungrateful, because the hospital, doctors, and nurses really have been amazing throughout this whole journey, but it really feels like there are a lot of snafus and administrative errors and holdups.

So, we're currently waiting for an MRI to be scheduled, with a possible BAER hearing test at the same time (to see if the chemo she received did any damage to her hearing), and another VMA/HVA test at that time as well. I'm also waiting for our insurance to authorize more physical therapy visits. The physical therapy office put in the request late because, again, of this new scheduling software, so again we are waiting. I should be hearing about that any day now.


louise said...

Keep it. There's a possibility i can convince some people to use Cure Search as their fund raising project next year at the annual Coarsegold car show. Every year they donate to a different cause and i mentioned this one this year when I was helping out. Especially since our car club MIGHT be taking over the running of the car show. Too soon to tell yet, but wouldn't that be neat? Then you could come and have a Cure Search booth.

Nancy said...

Madeleine is very fortunate to have you as her advocate for her appointments etc. You do such a great job at it!!

Nancy said...

I should have read the previous message before I published it. Sorry for the poor sentences.:)

Adelaide Morris said...

You can always go down to the walk thing by Price Center and give stuff out to those who donate to you.... I saw people down there doing stuff like that with a table set up alot!

Sucky about Mad's tests. You would think that medical professionals would recognize the sensitivity and importance of what they're dealing with and do it right!

AprylHazle said...

don't you have people cheering you on at you race? Why don't you have them carry the banner and hand out the ribbon things to people who have donated for you. what better way to bring attention to your cause than have people holding the banner and screaming your name.

Susan Dana said...

I'm so excited for you about the race! I wish we could be there to cheer you on!

Nicholas said...

"Apparently the wrong test was ordered, and they don't have the correct results."

Ah... my least favorite thing to hear at the office. Glad it doesn't happen often, but sorry it happened to you :(