April 11, 2009


Madeleine's first swim lesson was successful. She got right in the water and only cried a couple of times when the instructor took her and she was away from me. She also put her face in the water willingly, but then cried at the result. She kept doing it though, so it must've not been too bad. She has lessons three days a week, but the next one won't be until Tuesday because of the Easter holiday. Normally she would've had a lesson this morning as well. Being in the water with the kids made me miss teaching swim lessons. I truly love being in the water (a heated pool that is, I'm kind of eh about ocean swimming), and I hope that she inherits this from me. Her father, sadly, hates the water.

Gymnastics lessons continue to go well also. In fact, she loves it. Maybe it's going a little too well because recently she discovered that she can hang on the bar in her closet (where the changing table lives).

At Gym class, fascinated by the bubbles.

Playing with the balls is one of the best parts of the class. It's really cute to see all of the little kids toddling as fast as they can to get to the big tub of balls.

Here she's posing, showing off her new and improved line-less chest. Today I threw away all of her leftover medical supplies. I thought about giving them to someone, but there wasn't much that would've been useful. I only had one heparin flush left and the rest were gauze pads and gloves. It felt rather liberating to throw them out, and to see the empty space in her closet that the med box used to occupy.

I'm wondering if it might be time to introduce the beginnings of potty training. Today she told me when her diaper was dirty, and then again a few hours later she pointed at her diaper and said something resembling "pee pee." She then got that far off look in her eyes for fifteen seconds, so I'm thinking that she may have been actually telling me about it right before it happened. It's a hopeful sign at any rate. The nurse practitioner at the neurosurgery office told me that one of the things that they look out for in cases like hers, where there was/is tumor in the spine, is the ability to potty train. I guess that the tumor, or surgeries, or something could have damaged the feeling in that area to the point where she wouldn't know if she had to go or not. Time to buy a potty chair?


Susan Dana said...

She looks SO great Amber! We're so happy for you guys!

Ericka said...

wahoo! love the lineless chest. sounds like things are looking up for you guys :)

Bree said...

Hi Amber,
Madeleine looks great. I enjoyed reading about all the cool things you two have been doing.

Adelaide Morris said...

Amber, I just love the lineless chest and how amazing she looks! This makes my heart SO happy for you all!! :D