January 5, 2009

ER Trip - Don't Worry, It Ends Well.

The night before last was epically horrible in terms of sleep. Mad was up constantly with what we thought was teething pain. In the early morning, she vomited a couple of times but finally slept for a couple of hours.

In the morning she was still vomiting, and we discovered that she had a fever and was so sleepy. Tylenol was given and she napped throughout the day. In the evening when the Tylenol wore off we discovered she had a temperature of 102. In a healthy child this isn't that much to be concerned about, but we've had it drilled into our brains that if she has a temp over 101, we need to call the doctor. She's not currently on chemo, so I wasn't sure that this was still the protocol to follow. Her hickman line can very easily get infected and we were all concerned that this might be the case. I called the doctor on call at the hospital (and amazingly it was our doctor). She told us to go to the ER to get it checked out. So we took our first trip to the ER last night. On the way there we joked that the ER is the one part of the hospital that we hadn't seen yet.

Once we got there we were taken immediately to an ER room and after seeing various doctors and nurses they had blood drawn and bagged her for urine (oh the joys of waiting for your child to pee...). In the end all the tests came back fine and it turns out that she has a viral thing, just like anyone else can get.

Today she seems to be feeling much better, and doesn't have a fever at all. This was her first fever, and the ER doctors were amazed that we haven't been in there before, given her history.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad she's ok. Grandma N

Ericka said...

who would have thought the flu would be good news.

Bree said...

You're my hero, Amber. You are amazing! What a beautiful little girl! I really enjoyed reading your blog and getting caught up with what you've been up to. Love the pictures too!