January 14, 2009

Baby Steps

The appointment with the neurosurgeon went well yesterday. He wants to get another MRI, and from that create a 3D model of the area to be operated on. Apparently this will make the surgery shorter, easier, and more precise. We have to wait for insurance to authorize the MRI, then for the MRI to be scheduled. Once she actually has the scan we'll have to have another appointment with the neurosurgeon AND THEN the surgery can be scheduled. At this rate we're looking at June!

Dr. Levy also helped to allay my concerns about her lack of walking. He said that the nerves are still growing, and will continue to grow for about a year and half after being cut. He was glad to see that she has a lot of movement in the upper part of her right leg, as the nerves reconnect at the top of the leg first. So it makes sense that the foot/ankle is still weak. He said to just give it time and that there was no need to worry about orthopedics yet. I'm feeling a lot better about that now.


Danelle said...

Glad to hear that he is happy with the progress she has made. Just enjoy this time it won't be long until yo will be wishing she was less mobile.

jocelyn said...

Yay about the walking stuff! That's a huge relief, I'm sure. How does all this affect the trip to Alaska?

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering that too, Jocelyn! Hopefully she will be over the surgery and on her way to recovery by then. Louise