December 18, 2008


The doctors have decided that it would be best if Madeleine has another neurosurgery. That way they will be able to get a biopsy of that part of the tumor, and relieve some of the compression in the spine. Our doctor said that they had multiple tumor board meetings about her and this decision involved the opinions of many people. She also asked if wae wanted to have the surgery in San Diego or L.A. Of course I told her that we would prefer San Diego, unless there was any benefit to having it in L.A.

She had this same surgery (laminectomy) when she was first diagnosed last February. I don't know if this will be exactly the same, or not. She will be hospitalized for a few days afterwards. Dr. M. assumes that this surgery will take place sometime in January. She is now consulting with our doctor here, and the neurosurgeon that will be performing the surgery (the same one she had previously).

We are going to enjoy our Christmas and try not to think too much about the upcoming surgery.


Ericka said...

thank you for letting us all know so that we know what christmas wishes and prayers to send you guys for this coming year.

I know it sounds scary but it's great news to have a plan also. All my love and thoughts are with you. Let me know if there is any way I can help.

(PS. I have over a hundred vacation hours - if you'd like another warm body in SD/LA during the surgery, let me know. Also, now that Ryan is a post doc, anyone working for the UC should be able to donate PTO to him if he needs it. I'll look into the particulars of that and email you if you're guys are interested.)


Anonymous said...

I hope it doesn't involve cutting nerves to the leg again. Think positive- maybe this will be the last one. Let us know exactly when it will be so we can be there.
To Ericka: It's time you went on vacation! Grandma N

Greg said...

well it sucks that Maddie needs another surgery but she does need it . this sounds to me like good news though. get that crap out of her and plan on the next attack!

when Maddie is having the surgery rememer that I am just a few blocks away from the hospital. if you guys need a place to rest or someone to make some decent food and bring it to you or anything you have my number.

Susan Dana said...

I'm so glad that Madeleine is receiving top care. It's really encouraging that the top NB doctor is on her team. I guess the upshot of knowing that she needs another surgery is that you don't have to spend Christmas wondering about your next course of action. Thanks for keeping us up to date. We're thinking of her and sending lots of love your way.