September 5, 2013

San Francisco

I just wanted to write a quick note to let everyone know that we have made it to San Francisco.  We had some fun at the beach when we first arrived.

This is Laurel in her natural habitat.  She really is a "free range" kid.  She thinks nothing of doing somersaults on the sand at the beach.  Why not?  She is not so easy to control in the middle of San Francisco because her natural inclination is to do wacky things at all times.

My parents met us here and then took Laurel and Claire home with them the next day so that Ryan and I can focus on Madeleine during her MIBG treatment.

She was admitted to the hospital today and had a Foley catheter placed.  The Foley is because the radioactivity will be emitted through her urine, so they want to get it out of her bladder as soon as possible.  After three days she may be able to have the catheter removed.  Tomorrow the MIBG infusion actually starts and we will have very limited access to Madeleine for a few days.

This is what the room looks like:

 It looks pretty much like a regular hospital room, but a small one.  The floors are covered in plastic, as well as all the light switches, tables, etc.  That little wall on the right is a lead shield that is placed between the bed and the door.

This is more of the lead shield.  That little room outside of the door with the chair is where I am sitting now.  That is where we have to sleep.  It's pretty awkward because it's pretty much in the hallway, and it's between Madeleine's room and another patient's room.  I'm not expecting to actually sleep much.  Luckily we are trading off nights.  Tomorrow morning Ryan will come and relieve me and I'll go get a nap (hopefully) at the Family House, where we are staying.

 This is the view from the room.  Pretty nice!

I will post more tomorrow night after the infusion.

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Adelaide and Harleigh Morris said...

Sending up a prayer, hugs, and good juju in hopes that she does very well with the therapy and the circumstances. She is incredible. So are you and Ryan, and your parents, and Laurel and Claire. None of this will be fun, so I'll just say I hope it is as un-horrible as possible. We're thinking of you!